Red table grapes



Red table varieties      
Flame Seedless This is the earliest red seedless variety.The small, rounded berries have an appealing red colour and are very tasty. It has loose bunches and a limited shelf life. Flame Seedless is generally harvested a week of two before Thomson Seedless.
Attica Seedless Attica Seedless is a very early black grape with crunchy and juicy texture. No berry drop or shatter. Skin slightly thick but with no astringent aftertaste, good postharvest storage. No gibberrelic acid treatment required, high yields, highly resistant to diseases
  Black magic variety has big sized bunches with conical-pyramidal shape and neutral flavour. The berries are oval shaped. Sensitive to low temperatures while in blooming stage, good resistance to crashing. 
Black Magic
Red Globe Red Globe grapes are distinctively large and round. They have large seeds, a crisp skin, fleshy pulp and are pinkish red in colour. Red Globe grapes are mildly sweet and flavourful. They are not as tangy as Flame seedless or as sweet as Thompson seedless. 
Crimson seedless This is a mid to late season red variety with relatively small oval berries and loose bunches. It is characterized by its crisp texture and intense sweet flavour. It keeps well on the vine, and also has a very good shelf life.