Technical Netting


DELIMITA is the range of technical nettings that allows to maintain the right social distance, reduce the possibility of contagion and ensure air passage. Installed in double layers, DELIMITA identifies a safe outdoor space. Easily installed, washable and sanitizable, it guarantees long life and an elegant appearance.

Advantages : DISTANCE EFFECT DELIMITA creates its own "private and safe" space, at the necessary social distance and respecting the constraints of the areas available outside in parks, beaches, in outdoor meetings and in all areas frequented by several people.
BARRIER EFFECT DELIMITA with double layer acts as an "inertial filter", able to almost completely reduce the possibility that "droplets" (vectors of bacterial / viral charges) reach us and come into contact with us.
DELIMITA creates a comfortable space in which a good exchange of air and movement of the air find their optimal balance.

Why to use it:  DELIMITA is a clear reference - visual and physical - to the space we occupy alone or with our family. Reduces the risk of being reached by "droplets" supported and driven by the wind or air currents, for example produced by people going running or cycling.

Where to use it: DELIMITA is the right choice for common outdoor spaces, shared gardens, residences, parks and areas for children, health trails, beaches, or as a shading screen for queuing at the supermarket.