Intelligent Control Systems

iQ fertigation units

intelligent control of crops through iQ systems The iQ unit is a complete fertilization system used in modern hydroponic or conventional crops. The ideal choice to create the perfect conditions in your greenhouse, as you can design and implement automated irrigation strategies according to the needs of your crops and provide the required amounts of water and nutrients to the roots of each plant. iQ fertigation models: iQ 20, iQ 40, iQ 60, iQ 120, iQ 140

iQ 20  A reliable and easy to use system for small crops. Used in both greenhouses and outdoors. Equipped with three fertilizer valves, eight tubular irrigation commands, an EC meter and a pH meter, the iQ20 is the ultimate fertigation tool.

iQ 40 Hydroponic unit ideal for small cultures. The desired parameters of the crop are handled and adjusted using a remote control. This service gives the unit full autonomy, as the use of a P/C is not necessary. Recommended for crops up to 4 arces.

iQ 60 Hydroponic unit with characteristics that operate from 1 to 50 acres. Its program can be displayed on a computer or tablet and checked from there. It can be supported and combined with the iQ-Clima climate control system. The use of switches, available in the basic version of the machine, can make the operation of the machine manual. The connection to the existing pump irrigation is direct. It can support up to 10 fertilizer valves. Ideal for outdoor use.

iQ 120 The iQ120 hydroponic unit is a complete fertilization system. The basic version of the machine is equipped with a 200 liter fertilizer mixing tank, a 5.5hp stainless steel pump and an electronic flow meter for irrigation or fertilization using cubic meters. The iQ120 unit is ideal for crops up to 15 acres. The ability to place a touch screen gives the head maximum functionality and proximity during use, in modern hydroponic or conventional greenhouses.

iQ 140 The iQ140 water supply unit is the "flagship" of our hydroponic units. With a pump up to 20 hp, it can meet the requirements of any outdoor or greenhouse. The ability to combine with the iQ-Clima air conditioning unit, provides the advantage of irrigation planning by controlling evaporation, using measurements of temperature, humidity and sunshine. The iQ140 head has the ability to locate and retrieve data in real time, thus giving the user remote management of all parameters of the greenhouse. The capacity for different fertilization, valve and electromagnetic valve programs is so wide that the iQ140 can handle any challenge.