Plastic Films

DALIN POCKET THERMIC WITH BLACK & WHITE STRIPE:  Transparent patented plastic film. It comprises a main thermic film that bears a welded black & white stripe of width 60-80 cm. It is used for covering asparagus throughout the season and it can be employed for two consecutive seasons.

DALIN POCKET THERMIC FOR WHITE ASPARAGUS: Transparent plastic film employed to activate the asparagus cultivation. The weight (soil) is inserted through openings along the sides of the film. The grower has the possibility to cover and uncover the ridge according to the cultivating works (harvesting asparagus, weed eradication, refreshing the ridge etc.). 

DALIN LOW-TUNNELS: Plastic film for covering linear cultivations such as watermelon, melon, tomatoes etc. under low tunnels. It is produced employing linear polyethylene LLDPE and it exhibits superb mechanical properties. Used to achieve earliness or to protect the plants from frost.

MULCH FILM PERFORATED: Several perforated solutions are provided, also facilitating the planting phase as holes are already in place. No additional effort is required from the grower to cut the filf before planting> Easy of mind, labor cost savings

MULCH FILM BLACK & SILVER: Very thin (15 microns) with great mechanical properties. Reflects the sunbeams. Cooler soil temperatures during extremely hot weather. Repels insects - Healthier crops. The extra light reaches plant leaves and helps them grow larger by increasing photosynthesis.

MULCH FILM BLACK & WHITE: Thin (25 microns) with good mechanical properties. Reflect the sunbeams. Much Cooler Soil temperatures during extremely hot weather. The extra light reaches plant leaves and helps them grow larger by increasing photosynthesis. Better crop colorization - good for strawberries  

MULCH FILM DALIN BROWN: Thin (20 microns) with good mechanical properties. Allows the heat to pass during the day. Prevents the temperature loss in the night. Earliness in the harvesting. Good weed control. Very good for early crops .

MULCH FILM DALIN BLACK: Thin (15 microns) with great mechanical properties. Good temperature in the ground. Earliness in the harvesting. Cost Effective. Good weed control.

MULCH FILMS DALIN TRANSPARENT: Very thin (10 microns) with great mechanical properties. High temperature in the ground. Earliness in the harvesting. Cost Effective. No weed control.

SAFE-D: Used for Soft Fruit Protection. Thickness: 550-650μm at the binding points section, smoothly drops to 200-250μm. Special binding points. The film can withstand winds of more than Force 8

GREENHOUSE FILM: Wide range of specialized greenhouse films for crops protection & suitable conditions for their growth. Several UV stabilization systems. Different properties available.

GREENHOUSE FILM SPECIAL:  With special tube for transferring the warm air in the greenhouse house. The eyelets on the upper side of the tube provides easy installation on the top of the greenhouse. Easier heat transfer and all-around greenhouse warm air cover. Easy installation of the greenhouse sides. Welded part on the top of the film encloses rope, which allows a fast installation of the film to the side part of the greenhouse. Very strong film with two ropes on its sides which makes the gutter easy-applicable between the poly-tunnels and offers safer environment within the greenhouse.

DALIN POCKET ADVANCE: Patented product that solves a long lasting issue. Pockets often get empty thus needing refilling, which implies more labor cost.  A smartly designed valve facilitates the filling of the Pockets however once soil enters the pocket it is trapped. Rain water can enter but escapes though micro perforated holes on the pocket itself. Better performance bearing great benefits for the asparagus growers.

DALIN POCKET THERMIC: A brilliant solution for growing green asparagus. Green asparagus is a rather delicate product that when exposed to adverse weather conditions can deteriorate in quality either due bending or due to high levels of humidity that allows the growth of fungi or diseases. 

DALIN POCKET EASYFILL: A patented product bearing a Pocket type that facilitates filling the pockets of the film with soil. The special design of the pocket allows for ease of use, less time to fill the pockets thus saving labor costs when applying the film on the field. A great invention for a smart grower.

DALIN POCKET BLACK & WHITE:  A non-transparent 3-layer film for covering asparagus. It has a black and a white side. It is employed as a second film when the cultivation has been activated by a thermic film.