IoT solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

December 16, 2022

IoT Gateway
connects to the existing PLC setup and provides it with IoT and AI capabilities. Every sensor connected to the PLC is transformed into a fully-featured virtual IoT device without any modification.
What you get:
Real-time & remote monitoring/alerting
● Data visualisation (real-time & historical data)
● Predictive & Proactive Analytics
● Automated reports

Web Platform
● Full digital transformation with no hardware cost and a software-only solution
● Real-time Industry Overview
● Real-time Data from every Tank or Asset
● Analytics: Production Batch, Fermentation Batch, Cooling Performance

Quality Control Sensors
● They are wireless, Plug-N-Play, and can optimize and automate every industrial process
● Available for: pH, Density/Specific Gravity, Dissolved Oxygen, Pressure, Conductivity & Oxidation-Reduction Potential
● +-0.002 measurement accuracy
● No internet or electricity requirements
● 10-Year battery-operated lifetimeReal-time & remote monitoring/alerting