May 2, 2024

Crop covering systems serve as essential tools in modern agriculture, providing numerous benefits for both crops and farmers.  

It is important to recognize that agriculture is one of the most climate-sensitive industries worldwide. The nature of farming means that growers are exposed to the vagaries of weather and climate. The economic impact of an extreme weather event can be devastating for farmers and requires urgent action to protect crops and improve crop production.

An important strategy for mitigating this risk and protecting the results of a full year’s work is the use of covering systems.

Anti-Hail Netting: Protect crops from extreme weather events like hailstorms, as it reduces the direct impact of hail, preventing damage to leaves, fruits and branches.

Anti-Rain Netting: Excessive rain can lead to root rot, nutrient leaching, and fruit cracking. Rain Protection Netting significantly affects crop performance, yield, and fruit characteristics. Its careful selection and management are essential for successful fruit production.