Excellent filtration level, physical retention of larger particles achieved by the filter element, which for this type of filter is perforated stainless steel plate.

The filter element is cleaned manually (although the process can be automated).
High efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the large filter area and reduced load loss.

Tee filters are mainly used as secondary filters when the secondary pipe is located in the middle of the field.

Easy to clean by removing the screen element from the filter housing for rinsing.
Applications : installations with emitting pipes  trees irrigation with micro-sprinklers

Self-Cleaning filter FMA1000 offer continuous automatic operation, low water consumption for cleaning, no interruption of downstream flow when cleaning, automatic flushing based on pressure-differential, hydraulic and electric control options.

Sand Media Filters are the most popular filters for dirty water situations.
Recommended when large amounts of organic and inorganic material are treated.
Especially recommended for drip and tape irrigation using heavy water loads..
Installed as separate units or in systems.
The back-washing process can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic.
Due to their three-dimensional nature, they have the ability to remove both organic and inorganic materials, such as algae or clay.