Humic&Fulvic Biostimulant

April 25, 2024

Humic+Fulvic is a biostimulant suitable for all crops and all stages of plant growth.
Its application stimulates plant growth, the development of the root system as well as the absorption of nutrients from the soil. It is combined with most plant protection products and foliar fertilizers. It is ideally combined with the Amino16 series of biostimulants.

 It is suitable for use in conventional and organic farming.

Foliar applications
Spraying with a solution of 100-300ml Humic+Fulvic for every 100 liters of water and for repeated applications.

Soil application
It is also applied to the soil through the irrigation network with a dose of 1-2lt per stremma and for repeated applications.

Humic+Fulvic                   % w/w
Humic and fulvic acids    15.87%
pH at 25oC                           9.5