Slow-release Nitrogen fertilizer

April 24, 2024

28-0-0 N-SR is a liquid slow-release Nitrogen fertilizer.
It contains 80-85% Nitrogen of slow availability (polymethyleneuria) and 15-20% Nitrogen readily available.
The 28-0-0 N-SR helps the plants to have Nitrogen available for a long period of time, while the side effects of sudden and increased nitrogen fertilization (e.g. fruit tearing) are prevented.

28-0-0 N-SR is suitable for soil and foliar applications.

                                                                         % w/v           % w/w    

Total Nitrogen (N)                         33.6               28   

- ureic                                                6.7                5.6   

- methylen-urea                            26.9              22.4