28-0-0 N-SR is a liquid slow-release Nitrogen fertilizer.
It contains 80-85% Nitrogen of slow availability (polymethyleneuria) and 15-20% Nitrogen readily available.
The 28-0-0 N-SR helps the plants to have Nitrogen available for a long period of time, while the side effects of sudden and increased nitrogen fertilization (e.g. fruit tearing) are prevented.

28-0-0 N-SR is suitable for soil and foliar applications.

Fruitfix is the result of the successful combination of Amino16's 16-L plant-derived amino acids with an extract of Ascophyllum Nodosum algae found in the Atlantic Ocean, North America and Northwest Europe.
Some of the beneficial characteristics of these algae are the high concentration of nutrients such as trace elements, carbohydrates, cytokinins, auxins and amino acids which help to increase fruit set and improve fruit quality.
It is suitable for use in conventional and organic farming.

Results after using Amino 16

  • NF HYD1 is an advanced biostimulant of Hyd1+ technology for the treatment of cold stress. According to the studies, this product hardens plants during the winter stages.
  • BMC fixer is an innovative Hyd3+ technology biostimulator which increases plant resistance to extreme heat and drought. It reduces the transpiration conditions of the plants, providing energy to the plants and enhancing the effect of the osmotic balancing of the cell membranes.