Fruitfix - Increase harvest of fruit trees

December 18, 2023

Fruitfix is the result of the successful combination of Amino16's 16-L plant-derived amino acids with an extract of Ascophyllum Nodosum algae found in the Atlantic Ocean, North America and Northwest Europe.
Some of the beneficial characteristics of these algae are the high concentration of nutrients such as trace elements, carbohydrates, cytokinins, auxins and amino acids which help to increase fruit set and improve fruit quality.
It is suitable for use in conventional and organic farming.

* improvement of the quality characteristics of agricultural products.
* increase the post-harvest preservation of fruits.
* helps to increase production.
* enhances the development of the root system.
* promotes nutrients and improves fertilizer absorption.
* enhances fertilization and increases fruit set.
* imparts resistance and restores plants from deficiencies or other adverse conditions.
* activates natural defense mechanisms.
* combines with most plant protection and fertilizers.