November 2023

· Ideal for trees, pots, and flowers.
· Can be easily connected with spaghetti hose Φ6 or with LDPE Φ12-Φ32 for various irrigation patterns.
· Dismantlable, removable cap for easy cleaning
· Adjustable flow rate over a wide pressure range from 0,5 to 3,0 bar delivers the desirable flow rate.

Crop cover protection
100% polypropylene nonwoven fabric, with enhanced UV resistance, specially designed to protect plants from frost, snow, hail, strong wind, insects.
Allow earlier plantation, increase crop cycles per season, crop yields and profits.

Advanced organic biostimulant of Hyd1+ technology to release plantsfrom frost stress

NF Hyd1 achieves increase of plant resistance to frost and frequent

temperature fluctuations, by shifting the melting temperature of cell tissues

to lower values, especially in growth stages such as bud development,

flowering, fruit setting, early rapid fruit growth and fruit retention, which are

crucial for the evolution of the production.

NF Hyd1 in cultivations