Humic+Fulvic is a biostimulant suitable for all crops and all stages of plant growth.
Its application stimulates plant growth, the development of the root system as well as the absorption of nutrients from the soil. It is combined with most plant protection products and foliar fertilizers. It is ideally combined with the Amino16 series of biostimulants.

 It is suitable for use in conventional and organic farming.

Advanced organic biostimulant of Hyd1+ technology to release plantsfrom frost stress

NF Hyd1 achieves increase of plant resistance to frost and frequent

temperature fluctuations, by shifting the melting temperature of cell tissues

to lower values, especially in growth stages such as bud development,

flowering, fruit setting, early rapid fruit growth and fruit retention, which are

crucial for the evolution of the production.

NF Hyd1 in cultivations

Application - Dosage:
• 15 days after transplanting, carry out 9 applications every 7-8 days with fertigation using 1lt Amino 16 per 1,000 m2 at the first 3 applications, then 2lt Amino 16 per 1,000 m2 for the remaining 6 applications.
The total number of applications also applies to spraying and dosage is changed to 3lt Amino 16 per 1000lt of water for the first 3 applications and 5lt Amino 16 per 1000lt of water for the remaining 6.

  • NF HYD1 is an advanced biostimulant of Hyd1+ technology for the treatment of cold stress. According to the studies, this product hardens plants during the winter stages.
  • BMC fixer is an innovative Hyd3+ technology biostimulator which increases plant resistance to extreme heat and drought. It reduces the transpiration conditions of the plants, providing energy to the plants and enhancing the effect of the osmotic balancing of the cell membranes.