Application - Dosage:
• 15 days after transplanting, carry out 9 applications every 7-8 days with fertigation using 1lt Amino 16 per 1,000 m2 at the first 3 applications, then 2lt Amino 16 per 1,000 m2 for the remaining 6 applications.
The total number of applications also applies to spraying and dosage is changed to 3lt Amino 16 per 1000lt of water for the first 3 applications and 5lt Amino 16 per 1000lt of water for the remaining 6.

Olive collection
Knitted-construction nets, produced from 100% high density polyethylene monofilament yarns. UV resistance, allowing long term exposure to the sun. Cost-efficient solution for quick and easy harvesting, securing intact crops.
Woven: Woven fabric, produced from 100% polypropylene. Provide a time-saving, low-budget and safe way to harvest the crop.