Chelated Iron - Fe EDDHA 6%

April 25, 2024

EVYP Chelated Iron is a fertilizer that has a high concentration of the ortho-ortho chelating agent EDDHA and has been formulated to offer maximum effectiveness in all soil types even in highly alkaline and calcareous soils.
It is particularly stable, has a long duration of action, is applied from the ground and its granules are 100% soluble in water.


Fruits & Citrus
Seedlings: 5-15gr per plant
Young trees: 15-25gr per tree
Productive trees: 25-50gr per tree
Big productive trees with iron deficiency: 50-100gr per tree

Young vine: 2-4gr per vine
Productive vine: 5-10gr per vine
In full vine production: 10-25gr per vine

Horticultural and Ornamental
Start of annual vegetation: 1-2gr per m²
Full growth: 2-5gr per m²

Chelate iron                                   % w/w
Water soluble iron 6.0%
– Chelated iron with EDDHA o-o  4.8%
– Chelated iron with EDDHA o-p  0.3%