EVYP Chelated Iron is a fertilizer that has a high concentration of the ortho-ortho chelating agent EDDHA and has been formulated to offer maximum effectiveness in all soil types even in highly alkaline and calcareous soils.
It is particularly stable, has a long duration of action, is applied from the ground and its granules are 100% soluble in water.


Humic+Fulvic is a biostimulant suitable for all crops and all stages of plant growth.
Its application stimulates plant growth, the development of the root system as well as the absorption of nutrients from the soil. It is combined with most plant protection products and foliar fertilizers. It is ideally combined with the Amino16 series of biostimulants.

 It is suitable for use in conventional and organic farming.

Advanced organic biostimulant of Hyd1+ technology to release plantsfrom frost stress

NF Hyd1 achieves increase of plant resistance to frost and frequent

temperature fluctuations, by shifting the melting temperature of cell tissues

to lower values, especially in growth stages such as bud development,

flowering, fruit setting, early rapid fruit growth and fruit retention, which are

crucial for the evolution of the production.

NF Hyd1 in cultivations

Self-cleaning filter systems are used to filter surface water. They are often used as a safety feature of an installation as well as pre-filters for water intake. They can be used to remove organic and inorganic materials. The filters contain a stack of grooved plastic discs mounted on 4 perimetric shafts.