Reinforced flat hoses for high pressures.

High Quality | Resist Abrasion | Very Resistant | Anti-Algae | High Pressure

Flat hose reinforced with polyester yarn. Very resistant, for low and medium pressure.

High Quality | Resistant | Anti-Algae | Flexible | Smooth interior | Temperatures from -10oC to +55oC

Multi shield Anti-Rain system for Cherries Orchard   

The multi-shield system is a tensile structure of prestressed concrete posts connected with wires and cables to anchors set in the ground.

This system can be completed adding anti-hail net, installed on an above additional independent wire, ensuring optimal protection throughout the whole growing season.



Excellent filtration level, physical retention of larger particles achieved by the filter element, which for this type of filter is perforated stainless steel plate.

The filter element is cleaned manually (although the process can be automated).
High efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the large filter area and reduced load loss.