Heliflex flat hose reinforced with polyester yarn, very resistant, for medium pressure. Used mainly for conveying water.
Temperature Range: -10°/+55°C
Colour: blue.
Available in lengths of 25, 50 and 100 meters, depending on the diameters.
Other colours, diameters and lengths available upon request.

Ground Cover & Irrigation materials supply

In this project we supported our client in these phases :
- Advisory in selection of irrigation equipment 
- ​Irrigation material supply
- Ground cover supply

Filter skid 2x1200mm complete Auto with 4 layers media and backwashing pump

In this project we supported our clients in these phases :
- Technical information 
- ​Advisory in selection of the products



Banana Net House, a safety structure, using very light and agile nets. A shelter from the wind and hail.
Beyond protection from weather hazards, net houses for bananas provide better growth conditions of seedlings after planting.
Saving water by preventing evaporation.
Reduction of perspiration and increase of relative humidity.
Protection from insects.

Structure includes the trellis and a support system for growth of the banana plants.