28-0-0 N-SR is a liquid slow-release Nitrogen fertilizer.
It contains 80-85% Nitrogen of slow availability (polymethyleneuria) and 15-20% Nitrogen readily available.
The 28-0-0 N-SR helps the plants to have Nitrogen available for a long period of time, while the side effects of sudden and increased nitrogen fertilization (e.g. fruit tearing) are prevented.

28-0-0 N-SR is suitable for soil and foliar applications.

Diablotina Nectarine PSB – VitroHellas nursery
Variety with strong agronomic potential and juicy dark red flesh

Harvest period: Mid August
Productivity: Very good
Fruit set: Fast
Brix: 17°
Fruit flavor: Very sweet with an aromatic flavor
Fruit size: Α / 2A
Fruit color: Bright dark red, red flesh

Pallatina Plum PSB – VitroHellas nursery
Flesh resistant, exceptional taste

Peach varieties with strong agronomic potential, require low chilling hours and have high productivity

Mini Valve Offtake Indented 4 Atm
Ideal for greenhouses, gardens, and drip irrigation applications.
Available in a large variety of combinations to cover all irrigation connections (threaded, indented, dripper pipe, dripper tape, offtake, grommet, lock etc.)
Working pressure 4 Bar with minimum pressure losses
Made from Polyacetal (POM), NBR